About Us

Photon Rainbow’s mission is to always provide an educational approach for customers looking to get solar for their homes. We value our community and are a referral-driven business, meaning we rely on the good word of our customers to help us continue to provide solar to the New Mexico areas. We are here to give New Mexico homeowners access to clean energy with great customer service.

Our Values are HI-TEC: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Educational, and Customer Service Driven

Mark Kelly

Founder and Owner of Photon Rainbow. Solar expert. Father of two small boys and husband to an amazing wife. Mark created Photon Rainbow so he would have the control and ability to provide customers with the best experience possible when getting solar. Mark has been in the solar industry since 2017 and has worked with many national and local companies but in each company, he felt there was a flaw; the customer’s experience was always the last concern. Creating Photon Rainbow allowed him to not only provide great service but to ensure his fellow New Mexicans were provided with fair prices.


Maggie Kelly

Maggie is the creative director and part business owner. She oversees the media design and website. She’s also a mother and Mark’s amazing wife. She works for Photon Rainbow part-time while she also does graphic design on the side at maggiekellydesigns.com… and raises her two boys, which is a non-stop job.


Amy Seibert

Amy is the general manager and she is amazing! She always has a smile on her face and is super informative. If she doesn’t know the answer she will make sure to find it for you. Similar to Shane, Amy has worked with other solar companies as well but found Mark and loved the culture at Photon Rainbow. She is extremely knowledgeable in solar and will helps this company run smoothly.


Shane Sullivan

Shane has a degree in Psychology, he’s kind generous, and honest. He’s passionate about sustainability and renewable energy systems. He believes in a future that’s less dependent on fossil fuels. Shane worked for a few other solar companies but felt disconnected from the company culture. He found his home with Photon Rainbow, aligning with Mark’s vision for a better solar company. A company built on integrity, with a focus on building lasting relationships with clients. He’s now thriving and an integral part of the Photon family. Shane’s easygoing and will guide you confidently through your solar experience!


Kelly Seibert

Kelly’s passion is supporting and strengthening the community. Whether it’s through helping people gain access to investing in solar, teaching yoga and wellness, or her leadership roles in community organizations. As a former middle school and high school teacher, Kelly was drawn to work with Photon Rainbow because of its educational approach to solar. Kelly’s goal is to help make solar options feel clear and easy. She will always focus on your individual needs and make sure you have all of the information and tools you need to make the best decision for your energy, home improvement, and environmental goals.